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ALPINE emblems, logos and badges - Origin, Meaning, History

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アルピーヌエンブレム アルピーヌエンブレム アルピーヌエンブレム アルピーヌエンブレム アルピーヌエンブレム








【 Origin of Emblem and Logo 】

The ALPINE emblem logo consists of a left arrow and the initial "A" of the company name ALPINE.

【 History of Emblem, Logo, and Company 】

ALPINE was founded in Dieppe, Normandy in 1955 by the Frenchman Jean Rédélé, the racing driver and the owner of the Renault dealer. Rédélé gained class wins in many race events such as the Mille Miglia and Coupe des Alpes with a modified Renault 4CV. With this victory as the starting point, Rédélé designed the ALPINE corporate logo in 1954 and founded the company. However, this logo was not immediately used as a vehicle emblem logo.
In 1956, mass production of the A106 began. This car is ALPINE's first mass-produced car, but its emblem logo has a design with the French land and Renault diamond inside a red shield.
In 1958, the A108 was the first to adopt the ALPINE emblem logo. The design is a combination of a silver-plated "A" and a left arrow, and is attached on the side of the front fender of A108.
In 1962, a round ALPINE emblem logo with a white and blue background was attached to the center of the steering wheel of the A110. Also, it was attached on the center of the front bumper in GTA from 1984.
In 1971, the steering wheel of the A310 was first equipped with a black background emblem logo, but the black background design was no longer adopted.
In 1991, a new design emblem logo with a tricolor pattern like the French flag was born and attached to the front bumper of the A610. After that, when the mass production of A610 was completed in 1995, the brand temporarily disappeared. Then the company forced to focus on manufacturing Renault cars for some time.
In 2012, Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn announced the resurrection of ALPINE. In 2017, the brand and A110 were revived, with a newly designed emblem logo on the fenders and steering wheel.

【 Origin of Car name 】

The number of A106 is derived from the model number R1062 of 4CV which is the base car of A106.
The A108 is based on the Dauphine, whose model number is R1090. According to the naming rule, the car name should be A109, but for some reason it is A108.
The number of A110 is derived from the model number R1110 of R8 which is the base car of A110.

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