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CITROËN emblems, logos and badges - Origin, Meaning, History

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CITROËN emblem CITROËN emblem CITROËN emblem CITROËN emblem CITROËN emblem






CITROËN emblem CITROËN emblem CITROËN emblem CITROËN emblem CITROËN emblem






CITROËN emblem


【 Origin of Emblem and Logo 】

The CITROËN emblem logo "double chevron" is derived from the shape of the contact surface which the helical toothed gears with V-shaped grooves mesh with each other.
The origin of the emblem logo design was traced back to a trip made by the 22-year-old André-Gustave Citroën to Łódź city, Poland in 1900. At the Łódź city, he visited family and met his brother-in-law. One of brother's clients has a small mechanical firm in Głowno, had developed a process for cutting wooden gears in the shape of a chevron. He wanted to apply the process to metalworking, and bought a patent for the manufacturing process that the Russians had at the time. He laid the foundation for the production of the helical toothed gears, and in 1919 merged with the automobile company Mors to establish CITROËN. Early CITROËN cars used a helical toothed gear in final drive of the rear axle.

【 History of Emblem and Logo 】

CITROËN had a number of different emblem logos throughout the history, but the double chevron is always used.
In 1919, the first emblem logo was born at the same time as CITROËN was established. In this generation, the double chevron was placed in a circle with a blue background.
In 1932, two types of the designs appeared, one of which depicts a swan floating on the water. This design was intended to appeal to the floating engine, which is the new engine mount structure adopted for the new Rosalie. The background of the swan looks like a mountain, but it is actually the double chevron. This is the first time that the graphic and the promotional word have been dispicted on the Citroën emblem logo. Another design that appeared in the same year is a large double chevron mounted on a radiator grill.
In the 1950s, the double chevron with a shape similar to modern design was attached on the hood and trunk.
In 1958, DS Coupe Le Paris was attached with the Henri Chapron emblem logo in addition to the double chevron. This emblem logo indicates that the vehicle was designed by French car manufacturer Henri Chapron. Citroën had no plans to manufacture DS's coupe or convertible, instead Henri Chapron manufactured those models.
In 2004, the design concept was greatly revised, with the double chevron was integrated with the front grille line, and the double chevron with wider and thicker was attached on the rear side. Since 2009, the edges of the double chevron have been further trimmed and rounded.

【 History of Company and Brand 】

CITROËN is known as an automobile company that actively adopts advanced technology. For example, the front-wheel drive system, Unibody, and new suspension system mounted in Traction Avant from 1934, and the hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system mounted in DS from 1955, and so on.
The headquarters of CITROËN are in Paris, France. The company has been under the umbrella of Michelin since 1934, Peugeot (PSA Group) since 1976, and Stellantis N.V. since 2021.

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