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VENTURI emblems, logos and badges - Origin, Meaning, History

venturi venturi
VENTURI emblem
VENTURI emblem
VENTURI emblem




【 Origin of Emblem and Logo 】

The Venturi emblem logo depicts a gyrfalcon standing on a hunting glove. The gyrfalcon which raises its wings and forms "V", is the symbol of the power and speed. The hunting glove expresses that humans can control that power and speed. The blue, white and red color are reminiscent of the French flag.

【 History of Emblem, Logo, and Company 】

In 1984, the history of Venturi begins, when MVS (Manufacture de Voitures de Sport) was founded by the French car company Heuliez engineers Claude Poiraud and Gérard Godfroy. The first prototype model "Ventury" was unveiled at the 1984 Paris Motor Show. The last letter of this model name was "y" instead of the familiar "i". This Paris Motor Show was also the catalyst for meeting Hervé Boulan, a businessman and Ferrari enthusiast who would later become a Venturi sales manager. The mass production model was renamed to "Venturi" in 1986, because Hervé Boulan suggested that the name spelling end be changed to "i".
In September 1985, the first emblem logo with the company name "MVS" was born by Gérard Godfroy. The background color of the emblem logo is the red that is the symbol of Pays de la Loire, the birthplace of the brand and company. The red oval is reminiscent of the sun.
In 1989, Xavier de la Chapelle was appointed CEO and the company name was changed from "MVS" to "Venturi". At the same time, the gyrfalcon emblem logo was born.
In 2000, Venturi went bankrupt and was acquired by Monegasque businessman Gildo Pallanca Pastor. The head office was relocated to Monaco. The corporate strategy has also changed significantly, and the company has decided to focus on the electric vehicle business. At the same time, the new V-shaped emblem logo was born. Although a new emblem logo was born, the gyrfalcon continued to be used to remember the glorious past of car racing. The new V-shaped and the gyrfalcon emblem logo are arranged horizontally on the bonnet and bumper.
In 2004, Venturi announced the world's first electric sports car, "Fétish".

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