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Volkswagen emblems, logos and badges - Origin, Meaning, History

volkswagen volkswagen
Volkswagen emblem
Volkswagen emblem

Volkswagen emblem
Volkswagen emblem

1st logo

2nd logo

The Volkswagen emblem logo composes of the company's initials, "V" placed over "W". The first corporate logo was initials surrounded by stylized swastika wings (1937 - 1938), The second corporate logo was initials surrounded by the stylized cogwheel (1938 - 1945). How that the VW emblem logo is derived to be remains a mystery, the first corporate logo design was created by Porsche employee Franz Xaver Reimspeiss at an office competition in 1937, this possibility is the most supported. According to another theory, the corporate logo was designed by Austrian industrial graphic designer Nikolai Borg or German artist Martin Freyer. The current design was officially registered as a trademark in 1948, and the emblem logo was began appearing on production models for export since 1949.
Only the Australian version of the Beetle could add the hood ornament. However, because the injuries caused by the hood ornament, the road safety authority requested have to remove the hood ornaments from vehicles for the safety of the public. So, the original ornament is very rare and there are many replicas on the market.

The brand was created by the chancellor Adolf Hitler's idea. Hitler wanted to build the Autobahn and make vehicles more affordable for people. The idea was born in 1933, when Hitler visited an auto show in Berlin. Impressed by Ferdinand Porsche's design capabilities and idea, Hitler invited Porsche to launch the production of "People's Car", and KdF (Kraft durch Freude in German, "Strength through Joy" in English) was involved in this project. This car project was just one of the many KdF programs. Prototypes of the car called the "KdF-Wagen" appeared from 1938. Volkswagen was given to mean "People's Car" in German.
At the same time, the predecessor of Volkswagen, "Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens GmbH" was founded in 1937 and changed its name to "Volkswagenwerk GmbH" in 1938. After World War II, the damaged factory was rebuilt under the supervision of the British Army. The company name was changed to Volkswagen, and the KdF-Wagen was also changed to Volkswagen Type 1. The re-establishment of the line was successfully rebuilt and the factory produced more than 1000 cars a month in 1946.

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