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ALFA ROMEO emblems, logos and badges - Origin, Meaning, History

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The ALFA ROMEO emblem logo is derived from the left-right inverted of the coat of arms of the city of Milan, the birthplace of the company. The emblem logo depicts the red cross and the giant snake Biscione swallowing a human. The biscione is also the coat of arms of the Visconti family, an influential aristocrat in Milan in the 11th century.
The Red Cross is derived from the Crusades in medieval history. During the Crusades, milanese soldiers associated with Giovanni of Rho weared the red cross and white underwear beneath their armor. Giovanni of Rho is known for leading an army to Jerusalem and for erecting a cross on the wall of Jerusalem during the first crusade in 1099.
There are two different theories about a person being swallowed that have been posed over the years. The most popular theory is that the biscione is not swallowing a person, but its orally giving birth to a renewed person, just as a serpent renewal through own skin-shedding. The other theory is that a person being swallowed is a Saracen or Moor of Muslim which was defeated during the crusade.

The first ALFA ROMEO emblem logo was created in 1910 by Italian automobile engineers and designers Giuseppe Merosi and Romano Cattaneo. Cattaneo came up with the corporate logo based on a crest, when he saw above the door of Castello Sforzesco at a tram station in Milan.
The basic design of the emblem logo hasn't changed since it was created in 1910. The prominent history of design changes is as follows. In 1925, a golden laurel crown was added, symbolizing the victory at the first World Championship of car racing. In 1946, during the World War II, the production machines were destroyed, which lead to the creation of a red single color version of the emblem logo. In 1972, the word "MILANO" and the wavy line engraved on the outer circle were removed.

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