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DE TOMASO emblems, logos and badges - Origin, Meaning, History

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DE TOMASO emblem

The DE TOMASO emblem logo is derived from the Argentine flag colors white and light blue. There are three different theories about the hieroglyph in the center that have been posed over the years. The most popular theory is that the symbol that brands cows and horses by a hot iron stamp in the De Tomaso farm, Argentina. The other theorys are that the symbol represents the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, and the initials of Isabelle, the wife of the founder Alejandro de Tomaso.

Alejandro de Tomaso was born as the son of an Argentine politician. Alejandro grows up and moves to Italy after the death and political change of his father. He married the daughter of a millionaire in Italy and was founded by De Tomaso Automobili by her investment. The company began manufacturing sporty cars from 1963. In 1971, De Tomaso launched the new model "Pantera" after the partnership with Ford. The Pantera was produced until 1993 and became the representative model of DE TOMASO. Alejandro was hospitalized the same year that Panthera production ended. After a while, the company was went bankrupt when Alejandro died in 2004. In 2009, FIAT executives acquired the trademark right of DE TOMASO and announced the new model "Deauville". But due to financial difficulties in 2012, the "Deauville" was not mass-produced. In 2014, DE TOMASO was acquired by the Hong Kong-based company Ideal Ventures. The new model "P72", which is the result of the development of "Project P" is planned to produce a total of 72 cars from 2020.

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