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RENAULT SAMSUNG emblems, logos and badges - Origin, Meaning, History

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Renault Samsung emblem
Samsung logo

1998~ (*1)

1995~ (*2)

*1 for vehicle,  *2 for corporate

【 History and origin of Emblem and Logo 】

The Renault Samsung emblem logo on the front grill is derived from the storm's eye. Commonly known as the dynamo emblem, it expresses the following three things.
- The willingness to establish the business policy of customer-centered management, and respect the encounter between customers and cars.
- The driving force for developing advanced vehicles that surpass other.
- The symmetrical emblem design expresses the pursuit of reliability.
The emblem has been used since 1998, when Samsung Motors began distribute cars. The trademark license agreement with Samsung Group was terminated in August 2020, but because the emblem is an individual property of the company Renault Samsung, it can continue to be used.

【 History of Company and Brand 】

Samsung Group's Chairman Lee Kun-Hee directed to develop the plan to enter the automobile business in December 1987, then Samsung Motors was established in March 1995. After that, Samsung Motor and Nissan signed a technology agreement, Samsung Motor introduced Nissan's automobile factory equipment and built the automobile production lines. In March 1998, the first mass-produced vehicle SM5 was launched. However, the business environment deteriorated due to the Asian financial crisis, and the Corporate Rehabilitation Law was applied to Samsung Motors in June 1999. Renault Samsung Motors was born in July 2000 when Renault acquired Samsung Motors. The company name is sometimes called as RSM, which stands for Renault Samsung Motors.

【 Origin of Company logo 】

Renault Samsung uses the same corporate logo as the Samsung Group. So the corporate logo has a different design from the mounted one on vehicles. The oval shape symbolizes the world and universe, the blue color of oval expresses the stability and reliability. This logo design comes with the will of "becoming a familiar company for customers".

【 Corporate philosophy 】

The corporate philosophy of Renault Samsung is "RIGHT", which consists of the initials "Reliable, Identity, Genuine, Honest, and Transparent".

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