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BENTLEY emblems, logos and badges - Origin, Meaning, History

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BENTLEY emblem
BENTLEY emblem
BENTLEY emblem

The BENTLEY emblem logo has the flat type "Winged B" and the three-dimensional type "Flying B". "B" is derived from the initial for the founder Walter Owen Bentley.

When Bentley Motors was founded in 1919, the flat type emblem logo "Winged B" was designed by the founder's friend Gordon Crosby. This design represents the philosophy of pushing the boundaries of performance. The number of blades is set differently on the left and right for the purpose of preventing counterfeiting. For a period of time, the design was changed to a symmetrical design with 10 blades, but in the 1990s the original asymmetric blades were revived.

The three-dimensional type "Flying B" is the bonnet mascot that has been used since around 1920, but was abolished around 1970 due to pedestrian protection in the event of a collision. In 2006, the bonnet mascot was revived after clearing the legal regulations by adopting a completely retractable mechanism.
In 2019, the new design bonnet mascot with a light emitting mechanism was adopted for the new "Flying Spur" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of BENTLEY founding. The new mascot was designed by Hoe Young Hwang, who won the Bentley's designer competition, with reference to owls. Owls are generally stationary when nothing to do, but move with amazing power and agility when catching their food. Owls were chosen as a reference because its features are similar to the new Flying Spur. The spread of the mascot's feathers represents an owl gliding over the lake and chasing its prey.

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