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DODGE (RAM) emblems, logos and badges - Origin, Meaning, History

DODGE RAM emblem
RAM emblem
DODGE emblem

DODGE emblem logo is famous for the iconic ram's head. Various designs have been adopted before the identifiable logo of ram's head. A round shield logo with their initials "DB : Dodge Brothers" interlocked, two overlapping boomerang shapes that suggested progress and forward motion "Forward Look", a fractured deltoid shape "Fratzog" , DODGE script with red Pentastar and so on. RAM means authority, force, fearlessness, and virility. The ram's head logo is derived from the hood ornaments of DODGE vehicles in the early 1930s. By the 1990s, hood ornaments were out of fashion and the ram's head needed to be adapted into a consistent, identifiable logo. The ram's head logo was used on almost every DODGE model between 1993-2010.
RAM became its own brand when FIAT acquired CHRYSLER in 2009. Because the ram's head logo was more appropriate for the strength and power of RAM trucks, DODGE relinquished the logo to the pickup brand RAM. Once RAM began exclusive use of the logo from 2011 model year, DODGE needed a new logo.

DODGE studied a new logo together with Wieden & Kennedy ad agency, famous for its Nike design. DODGE wanted to ditch the reputation of RAM in favor of a "forever young" attitude that emphasized the performance-driven history will drive the brand into the future. Thus, the new logo design team turned to the popularity of CHRYSLER's STR (Street & Racing Technology) group, which developed DODGE Viper. The result was a simple logo with twin red racing stripes after DODGE script. The twin red racing stripes suggested speed and agility. While the new logo was originally intended to be limited to company communications, advertising, internet and merchandising, the new logo began appearing on vehicle grilles as a emblem logo from the 2012 model year.

The company DODGE was founded by brothers Horatio Dodge and John Dodge under the name of Dodge Brothers in 1914. DODGE was originally a subsidiary of CHRYSLER Company and is now an automobile manufacturer belonging to FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.).

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